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On September 5, 2011, the Village Council approved the Downtown TIF District Façade Improvement Program.  The program is intended to assist with the exterior remodeling/renovation of existing buildings within Palatine’s Downtown TIF District.  To be eligible for consideration, the property must comply with the following (it should be noted that applying for the program does not guarantee approval):
  • The building must be located within the Downtown TIF District (see Downtown TIF District boundary map);
  • The majority of the building’s first floor must be dedicated to non-residential uses; and
  • Original construction of the building must have been completed prior to January 1, 2000.
The program is designed to encourage exterior building improvements while preserving the unique character of downtown Palatine.  The potential funding amount is based on a 50/50 reimbursement of eligible project costs.  The maximum funding amount available for any individual building would be $400 per linear foot of building frontage along a public street (with a maximum of $50,000 per building).  Applicants are limited to the owner of an existing building or business within the Downtown TIF District.  Expenses relating to the following types of improvements and services would be eligible (subject to the TIF Act):
  • Façade renovations/improvements;
  • Exterior awnings, windows, doors, attached lighting and signage (if signage is an integral part of the building façade); and
  • Design professional fees and permit fees.
The following types of expenses would be ineligible for the program:
  • Routine property maintenance;
  • Non-building improvements (landscaping, paving, etc.); and
  • Proposed improvements in which the Village Council determines are not in keeping with the Village’s Downtown Design Guidelines, the existing building’s character, or the surrounding area.
 For more information, or if you have any related questions, please contact the Village's Deputy Village Manager, Michael Jacobs, at (847) 359-9053.

Click here to download the Downtown TIF District Facade Improvement Grant Program Application


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