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The construction of a new 8" sanitary sewer that starts at the intersection of Forest Avenue and Lincoln Street, flows west on Lincoln Avenue and tums northwest on Hicks Place to a termination point at the existing Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) interceptor near the intersection of Hicks Place and Colfax Street.

Current Phase              

Pre- Construction Planning


Sanitary Sewer/Flood Control


Glenbrook Excavating

Start Date

 October 2013

End Date

 May 2014*

*= Areas west of NW Hwy to be completed prior to winter. Work in residential area east of NW Hwy to commence in March of 2014.

Contact Info

 Matt Barry (847) 705-5200



Project Overview

The limits of the proposed sanitary sewer would be from just west of Hot Dog Richies, continue east on Hicks Place towards the intersection of Northwest Highway at Lincoln, and then run east on Lincoln to the intersection of Lincoln at Forest. This project will start as soon as the first week of October and is expected to require the fall of 2013 and the spring of 2014 to construct.  Plans call for work west of US-14 prior to winter and east of US-14 in the spring of 2014.  This project will require traffic pattern adjustments on Hicks Place, Colfax Street, and Lincoln Street during various phases of the work.  
The project has been a long time in the making and we are very excited to start the work. It is a major project that includes excavations up to 30 feet in depth, micro-tunneling, and trench-less pipe installation across 5 lanes of traffic.  Part of the extended time relating to preparing for the project were coordination efforts by the Village and the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District who owns the very deep sanitary sewer we will be connecting to at Hicks Place and Colfax Street.  The project was first bid in July and then re-engineered to find more cost conscience solutions that should save the Village $350,000.

We always hope that improvements to the public system will avoid individuals from needing to alter their homes to control flooding.  This project may provide that difference but it should be noted that the Village remains committed to our Basement Protection Program which provides funds to partner with homeowners to replace their service laterals or disconnect their footing drains by retrofitting their foundation drainage to the current home plumbing standard.

Engineering Plans

Project Location
Detour Map


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