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Televising Village meetings and public information programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Palatine Television is the Village's government access television station. Palatine Television appears on these channels:

Cable/Video Provider Palatine Television
Comcast's XFINITY TV 6
AT&T U-Verse TV 99

AT&T U-Verse TV

Palatine Television is now available to AT&T U-verse digital TV subscribers.  Unlike other cable TV systems, Palatine Television does not have its own dedicated channel on U-verse.  Instead, AT&T groups all Public, Education and Government (PEG) channels on channel 99, and uses streaming video technology to provide the signal, resulting in a smaller image on the screen.  To watch the Village's channel on U-verse, viewers can tune to channel 99 and select Palatine Television from a list of options

Palatine Television Programming


9:00 am NASA X
1:00 pm Illinois Channel
5:00 pm School District 15 Board Meeting (Taped)


12:00 pm This Week at NASA
4:00 pm Illinois Channel 
8:00 pm Murphy's Law


9:00 am In the Fight
12:00 pm Illinois Channel 
7:00 pm Village Council Meeting (replay)


9:00 am This Week at NASA
3:00 pm West Wing Week
7:00 pm Village Council Meeting (replay)


9:00 am Illinois Channel 
1:00 pm NASA X


3:00 pm  Illinois Channel
6:00 pm Game of the Week
9:00 pm  Village Council Meeting (replay)


10:00 am Illinois Channel
12:00 pm Village Council Meeting (replay)
10:00 pm Movie Classic
*** Programming Subject to Change ***

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