Plan Commission

What is the Plan Commission?

The Palatine Plan Commission is a hearing and advisory body for land use proposals. Under state law it acts as the public hearing body for the Village Council. Commissioners listen to the public, the petitioner (often a person wishing to develop property) and Village staff.

What happens at a Plan Commission Meeting?

  1. The Chair calls the meeting to order and roll call is taken to ensure a quorum.
  2. Minutes and Findings of Fact of the previous meeting are approved.
  3. The Chair reads the legal notice authorizing a public hearing and numbers exhibits presented in advance as evidence by either the petitioner or others.
  4. Chair calls on the staff, the petitioner, and members of the public (in that order) to present testimony. Anyone who wishes to ask a question or make a statement is sworn in as a witness. The petitioner is not required to, but may answer questions raised by the audience. The chair will not permit argument or unproductive exchange to develop between the audience, the petitioner, commission members, and/or staff.
  5. The public hearing is closed, and the Commission deliberates on the matter. If there is more than one public hearing scheduled, the Commission may hold all hearings before deliberating. Although you will not be able to speak or give further input after the public hearing is closed, you are encouraged to remain and listen. The commission in its deliberations will consider only evidence which is relevant to this petition. Evidence which may be considered includes such things as case law, procedure, traffic generation, property values, etc.

Who are the Commissioners?

The nine members have been appointed to serve without any compensation and volunteer their time to serve their community. The secretary, who sits on the platform, is a Village employee, not a commission member.

Remember...the Plan Commission is a recommending body. The Village Council makes final decisions.

  • Dennis Dwyer, Chairperson
  • Rodney Bettenhausen
  • Dennis Bond
  • Eric Friedman
  • Conrad Hansen 
  • Robert Kolososki
  • Patrick Noonan
  • Jane Robins  
  • Teri Williams

How do I testify?

The public is called on to speak at a specific point in the agenda. Spoken testimony should be brief, non-repetitive and to the point. A time limit may be set if there are many people wishing to speak. Representatives of homeowners associations may be invited to speak first.

What is the next step?

The Plan Commission’s recommendations are sent to the Village Council along with staff recommendations. The Council meets as the Committee of the Whole for its discussion. They MAY allow limited testimony before making a recommendation. The Village Council votes the Committee’s recommendation at a Council meeting. As a member of the public, you can always telephone or write council members and the Mayor of the Village

Meeting Dates and Times

Plan Commission
1st and 3rd Tuesdays
7:00 pm


Village Hall 200 E. Wood St. Council Chambers (2nd floor)



 Agenda & Minutes


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