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The Village of Palatine has re-instated the bi-annual elevator inspection program. Previously, the Office of the State Fire Marshall took ownership of the program. Due to a lack of staffing, the State has not been able to effectively administer the program. In order to ensure the safety of our residents and visitors, the Village Council approved the reinstatement of the program locally.
This change will affect conveyance/elevator owners in the following ways:
·        Effective January 1, 2010, Thompson Elevator Inspection Service, Inc. will be performing all bi-annual inspections of conveyances in the 
         Village of Palatine.  (They are the same company that previously conducted the inspections for the Village.)
·        Bi-Annual inspections are required by ordinance. (This is the same as the previous program.)
·        The 2017 fee for each bi-annual inspection is $79.00. The fee for each re-inspection is an additional $56.00.
·        You will be invoiced in March for the annual fees due and, if necessary, billed quarterly for each reinspection.
·        Thompson Elevator Inspection Service, Inc will contact you to schedule the bi-annual inspections.

State of IL Required Elevator Upgrades and Compliance Dates

 A building permit is required for the modifications listed below.

  • January 1, 2014

                1. Restricted opening of hoistway doors or car doors on passenger elevators.

  •  January 1, 2015

                1. Car illumination.

                2. Emergency operation and signaling devices.

                3. phase reversal and failure protection.

                4. reopening device for power operated doors or gates.

                5. stop switch pits.

                6. pit ladder installation in accordance with Section of ASME a17.1-2007.

Failure to meet the required deadlines will result in a “failed” inspection status.  Conveyance owners “shall have 30 days from the date of the published inspection report to be in full compliance by correction the violations.”  Each re-inspection fee is an additional charge levied by the Village of Palatine.

Your licensed elevator contractor is your best source for determining your compliance needs per each elevator/conveyance in your building. 

For questions regarding the elevator program, please contact Mary May, Permit Control Coordinator, at (847) 359-9037.


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