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Pneumatic shoring is used to secure a trench in an emergency, allowing a safer environment for rescuers to work in.The Palatine Fire Department operates four special response teams: the Dive Rescue Team, Hazardous Materials Team, Technical Rescue (or Urban Search and Rescue) Team and Fire Investigation Team.  Each of these teams consists of members who have gone through a selection process, then received additional specialized training and who continue to maintain continuing education in their field.  These teams are all part of their respective MABAS Division 1 combined teams, and through MABAS are deployable throughout the state of Illinois for large-scale disasters.  We have several members who serve on regional and state committees and task forces; some of these set standards and policies, others have operational response capabilities. 

Dive Team member checks his communications before submerging on a training dive.Our teams also support each other.  For example, at a water rescue incident in a flood situation, our Dive Rescue Team may be the primary response team, handling actual in-water rescue operations.  Rigging of rope systems to make the rescue more efficient and safe would be a responsibility of the Technical Rescue Team, while the Hazardous Materials Shift personnel practice decontamination procedures with members of the Hazardous Materials Team.Team would be a valuable asset to complete decontamination of personnel coming out of the water, as flood waters often are contaminated by a variety of biological and chemical substances.  This inter-team cooperation allows for more efficient, effective and safe responses to various incidents and therefore a higher level of service to our residents.

All four of our teams operate as combined teams with the Palatine Rural Fire District.  In the event of an incident anywhere in either jurisdiction requiring a team response, on-duty team members from both departments respond.  Vehicles and equipment for the teams are maintained at Palatine Fire Department facilities.

Palatine Fire Investigator photographs the scene during the investigation of a kitchen fire.

Boat 81 and Dive Team personnel participate in a training session.

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