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220 W. Illinois Ave.Station 84 is located at 220 West Illinois Avenue and serves the southern part of Palatine.  It is also home to our drill tower and training facility.

With a remodel completed in 2008, this station offers many amenities for the public as well as the 5 personnel (one Lieutenant and four Firefighter / Paramedics) who staff it daily. Frequently known as the station where we hold our "Fifth Grade Program” for Palatine grade school students, this station has our 3 story training tower as well as an extra 2 story garage that houses additional vehicles. During the addition, the station was essentially doubled in size, adding a complete new wing east of the bay floor. This allowed for new meeting and training rooms, a larger fitness room for the health of our firefighters, and new living quarters for the on-duty staff. 

Quint 83 participates in a training exercise at the drill tower located at the  rear of Station 84.Training Division

Formerly referred to as Station 17, this station is the home of our training facility.  It features a 3-story drill tower with a roof that has removable panels that can be cut for ventilation training.  The tower is used by firefighters to practice hose advancement, ladder placement, rescue operations, and other skills.  There is also a drafting pit that allows us to recycle water while practicing pump skills.  Additionally, the station features a large classroom that is equipped with a videoconference system.  Purchased with a federal grant, this system allows us to conduct briefings and classroom training with all members being able to stay at their own stations.  This improves response times by allowing companies to stay available in their own districts and saves money by allowing an instructor to conduct a class once instead of several times per day.  Our Division Chief of Training also has his office here at Station 84.

Engine 84

Engine 84

Engine 84 is a 2007 Crimson/Spartan Diamond pumper with a 1,500 gallon per minute pump, a 750 gallon water tank and over 2,000 feet of fire hose, ranging from 1 ½“ to 4” sizes. It is equipped with Advanced Life Support medical gear.  It also has an 8000 watt PTO generator and flood lights, 28’ and 14’ ground ladders, a pre-piped deck gun capable of flowing 1,000 gallons per minute, a Thermal Imaging Camera, and a selection of hand tools.

Ambulance 84 is one of the Palatine Fire Department's five advanced life support ambulances.
Ambulance 84

Ambulance 84 is a 2012 Horton ambulance, mounted on an International chassis. It is equipped with a full complement of state-of-the-art Advanced Life Support medical equipment, including a monitor / defibrillator / external pacemaker with 12-lead ECG capability, advanced airway equipment which includes a transport ventilator and a CPAP unit, medications, immobilization and patient transfer devices and trauma supplies. It also has a cold water rescue suit and water rescue rope along with life vests, as well as basic forcible entry tools and self-contained breathing apparatus for fire responses.

Dive 84
Dive Rescue Team's van and boat now run out of Station 84, providing water rescue first response to Palatine, Rolling Meadows and parts of Inverness, along with unincorporated areas in between.

Dive 84 is a 2016 LDV custom step van that responds with members of the Palatine Fire Deparment's Water Rescue Team to any water rescue incident in the Village of Palatine, the Palatine Rural Fire Protection District and the City or Rolling Meadows.  The unit carries dry suits, SCUBA tank / regulator / buoyancy compensator units with full face masks and hard-wired voice communication equipment, swiftwater vests and helmets and “boogie boards” for flood rescue responses, a selection of water rescue ropes and patient handling equipment, specialized gear for ice rescue and ice dives, and other specialized equipment for scene management at water rescue or recovery incidents.  

Boat 84Boat 84

Boat 84 is an inflatable 14’ Zodiac boat with a 25 hp Evinrude outboard motor. On its trailer, it can be towed by Dive 84 or by any of a number of staff or rescue vehicles. The boat is used for boat-based or boat-assisted water rescues in order to allow our personnel to more safely and efficiently work remote from the shore lines. With over 70 “diveable” bodies of water in Palatine’s initial response area, there is a great deal of potential for these types of incidents. By using a lightweight inflatable, we have the ability to launch the boat in areas that do not have a boat ramp, and to use it as a safe work platform in cases of weak ice. This boat was donated to the Department by the Palatine Jaycees.


This Ford Expedition serves as our Reserve Command vehicle, used for Incident Command in the event of simultaneous incidents or when the Battalion Chief unit is in for maintenance.

Reserve Command Vehicle

Our Reserve Command unit is used by our Division Chief of Training for routine duties, which allows him to function as the Incident Commander at a second call in the event of simultaneous incidents.  Also used by the Battalion Chief when the primary Command unit is in for maintenance, this vehicle carries extensive communications gear, a computer and Incident Command materials to allow for efficient command, communications and coordination at a variety of incident types.  

Rehab 84 is a re-purposed ambulance operated by volunteers from the Palatine Emergency Management Agency's Fire Rehab Team.Rehab 84

 Rehab 84 is a former ambulance that has been re-purposed as a rehabilitiation unit, used for on-scene medical care and rehab of firefighters and other workers at various emergency incidents and events.  The unit is staffed by volunteer members of the Palatine Emergency Management Agency's Fire Rehab Team.  These volunteers have undergone additional training to provide this critical support function, which in turn frees up firefighters and paramedics to perform other tasks.  Typical duties for the Fire Rehab Team include providing hydration (fluids) and nutrition, setup of cooling stations in hot weather or warming stations in cold weather, medical monitoring of responders, and so on.  The Rehab Team has also worked with various special teams, and has provided rehab services at larger-scale training exercises for these teams, as well as at various fire training events.  These training opportunities keep the team sharp, and improve the level of coordination and cooperation with Palatine firefighters and those mutual aid partners we work with on a regular basis.

Ambulance 84, Engine 84 and Dive 84 operate out of this fire station at 220 W. Illinois Ave. in Palatine.


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