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All new fire alarm systems shall transmit trouble, supervisory, and fire signals directly to the Palatine Fire Department via a wireless transmitter installed in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Chapter 72. Only equipment certified and approved by Northwest Central Dispatch and/or its designated proprietor may be installed. Existing systems shall be changed to wireless on a voluntary basis, or when existing equipment is updated. All buildings with fire sprinklers and fire alarms are required to have interior horn/strobe units, exterior strobes, and manual pull stations. Existing buildings and units of all classifications shall have these devices installed when there is a tenant change or interior build-out. There shall be an exterior grade horn/strobe fire alarm device installed above the fire department connection (FDC); the exterior bell can be deleted. The Palatine Fire Prevention Division maintains a list of fire alarm contractors, and can fax or email them upon request. The submitted fire alarm drawings shall include the following:

1. Four complete sets of scaled shop drawings.
2. Four sets of the battery and voltage drop calculations.
3. Four sets of the manufacturers’ equipment cut sheets.
4. A copy of the contractors State license.

Upon approval of the submitted drawings the permit applicant will be given two stamped sets back, one of which must be on the job site at all times. The Fire Prevention Division shall witness an acceptance test before final fire alarm approval is given. The alarm acceptance test will include:

1. Verifying that the installed system matches the approved drawing.
2. Testing all alarm devices incorporated into the fire alarm system. Check to see that wiring is correct by disconnecting a wire; verify dispatch
    received a trouble signal. Canned smoke must be used on all new detectors.
3. Inspect operations of the ventilation systems, elevator recall, and door hold open devices.
4. Verify that the devices are identified properly at the fire control panel. If the system is not addressable a professional zone map will be
5. Verification that the Fire Department dispatch center received all signals.
6. Water flows shall be transmitted between 45-60 seconds after the inspectors test is fully opened.
7. Verify that the circuit breaker for the fire alarm is properly labeled and has a lock installed.
8. The alarm position number and alarm desk phone number shall be displayed inside the alarm panel.
9. Verify with dispatch the testing is complete; place the system in full service.

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