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Exterior Key Safes - The Palatine Fire Department requires the use of a Knox brand key box, minimum size is the 3200 series. The boxes are required for every commercial and multi-family building that has a fire alarm and/or sprinkler system. For security the Knox Company keys the box locks for each community, so a key from another town will not open a Palatine box. The 3200 series, which is a 10 key box, is the minimum requirement. Location of the box shall be determined by the Fire Prevention Division. Applications for the Knox box can be obtained from the Fire Prevention Division office located in the village hall.

Fire Department Connections
– Sprinkler system connections (FDC) must be dual 2 ½ inch, national standard thread (NST). An exterior grade horn/strobe fire alarm alerting device shall be installed above the connection. The location of the FDC shall be determined by the Fire Prevention Division.

Fire Alarm Operation – Fire alarm control panels (FACP) and remote annunciators (FAAP) shall be of a three function design; Acknowledge, Silence, and Reset. All functions must be able to be performed without the need of a numerical code. Manual pull boxes must be key style, hex head is not allowed.

Street Address Display – The proper street address must be displayed on the front and rear entry doors. The numerical size shall be 4 inches by ½ inch brush stroke in a contrasting color.

Standpipe Requirements
- In buildings exceeding 10,000 square feet in area per story, Class I automatic wet or manual wet standpipes shall be provided where any portion of the buildings interior area is more than 150 feet of travel, vertically and horizontally, from the nearest point of fire department vehicle access. Where the most remote portion of a floor or story is more than 150 feet from a hose connection, the fire prevention official is authorized to require that additional hose connections be provided in approved locations.

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