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Temporary Sign Regulations

Temporary Signs withing the Village of Palatine require a temporary sign permit, approved by the Planning and Zoning Department. The temporary sign regulations can be found in Section 8.06 of the Palatine Zoning Ordinance. Please view the Temporary Sign Application and the sign guide brochure for further information.

The following signs shall receive a temporary sign permit from the Village of Palatine of Palatine prior to being posted.

  • Development Sign - A temporary, on-premise sign for the purpose of advertising a new construction project or development. Available only for residential projects of six or more dwelling units, or commercial area of three or more acres.  One sign per site, with a maximum sign area of 240 square feet. Sign shall be removed at 90% occupancy.
  • Construction Sign - A sign placed upon work under construction denoting the architect, engineer, or contractor. Maximum area of 16 square feet for a sign with one single company noted; 40 square feet if three or more companies are noted on the sign.
  • Event Signs location on Private Property - A temporary sign advertising the name, duration and location of a specific event within the Village of Palatine.  Seven day maximum post.  No more than one sign per shopping center.  Maximum area is 100 square feet.  A minimum of 14 days must lapse between temporary event sign permits.  No more than four event signs shall be issued for one lot in a calendar year.
  • Grand Opening Sign - A temporary sign advertising the name, duration and location of a grand opening of a new business within the Village of Palatine.  Thirty (30) day maximum post.  Maximum area 100 square feet.
  • Commercial Real Estate Sign - One sign per lot, not to exceed 50 square feet in area.  Shall be removed within seven days of the sale or lease of the premises upon which the sign is located.

Signs Prohibited by the Village of Palatine Zoning Ordinance

  • Off-Premise Signs. All signs shall be located on the lot being served.
  • Roof mounted signs
  • Wall-painted signs
  • Signs facing side or rear yards, unless the front of the building faces that yard.
  • Signs that flash, scroll or have other intermittent illumination. Temporary signs shall not be illuminated.

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