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The following excerpts from the Village of Palatine Ordinances are provided as a guide to pet owners. Through understanding and compliance with these laws, we hope to promote the safety and well-being of animals and improve relations between animal owners and the general public.
The Police and Health Departments are authorized to enforce these provisions by impounding any animal found to be in violation.

CRUELTY (Section 5-2)

It Shall be Unlawful:
for any person to willfully and cruelly injure or kill any animal by any mode or means causing it unnecessary fright or pain. It shall further be unlawful for any person by neglect, to allow any animal to suffer any pain.


It Shall be Unlawful:
To permit any dog, cat or other animal whether licensed or not, to run at large within the Village. A dog, cat or other animal will be deemed to be running at large when off the premises of owner and not on a leash. The leash cannot be more than 6 ft. in length, including handgrip. (Section 5-6-1)
To permit any dog to habitually jump, snap, growl, snarl or otherwise threaten persons lawfully using any common thoroughfare, sidewalk, play area, park or any place where people congregate or walk. (Section 5-6-6)
To permit any dog, cat or other animal to howl, yelp, whine, meow, bark or make noise in such a manner as to disturb any person or neighborhood. (Section 5-6-9)
To harbor or to allow any dog, cat or other animal to soil, defile, or defecate on any common thoroughfare, sidewalk, play area, or any place where people congregate or walk or upon any public or private property. The person who so curbs such dog, cat, or other animal shall immediately remove all feces deposited by such animal by any sanitary method. (Section 5-6-12)
To permit any dog, cat, or other animal to bite, scratch, or in any other manner, break the skin of any person within the Village of Palatine.   (Section 5-6-15)

To permit any dog, cat or other animal to bite, scratch or in any other manner, break the skin of any other domestic animal within the Village of Palatine (Section 5-6-16)

ANIMAL BITES (Section 5-7)

Any person that is bitten by an animal, must report it to 911 as soon as possible. A dog bite to another dog must also be reported. In either  case, the dog must go to the veterinarian within 24 hours of the incident to undergo the Rabies Observation Period. Animals not current on the rabies vaccine, must be impounded for ten days. Bites by a family pet to a family member must also be reported.  Citations with a possible court appearance may also be issued The owner is responsible for all medical/vet bills incurred by the victim.

ABATEMENT (Section 5-9) and (Section 5-23) 

Any vicious dog, cat or other animal constituting a public nuisance as provided in this chapter may be referred to the Animal Safety Commission (Article II of Chapter 5) for public hearing and disposition upon receipt by the Commission of certified copies of the judgment and sentence showing one (1) citation and conviction of an owner (convictions to include unpaid tickets, with proof of service, sent for collection) for violations of section 5-6 and no finding was entered by the court showing that the owner will be able to provide restraints to protect he public.

At the conclusion of said hearing, the commission may enter such order as it determines appropriate to resolve the controversy, and in the event that it finds the dog, cat or other animal constitutes a public nuisance which should be abated, destroyed or removed from the Village, it shall order it and it shall notify the owner of the animal of its findings and it shall serve a copy of the said order upon the Palatine Health Department.  Thereupon the Palatine Health Department shall direct the animal owner and assure that the owner of said dog, cat or other animal abates, destroys or removes the same from the village within ninety-six (96) hours from the date of notice.


All dogs and cats harbored, kept or maintained in the Village shall be licensed annually, provided, however, that dogs kept in pet shops, pounds, shelters, hospitals or kennels need not be licensed annually while kept at such pet shop, pound, shelter, hospital or kennel while such establishment is duly licensed as provided by ordinance.

APPLICATIONS & FEES (Sections 5-37 & 38)

As of January 2011, animal license fees are $7.00. A current rabies vaccine must be presented with the application


All animals (even those having microchips), must display a current rabies and village tag when off their owner’s property. Microchip registrations should always be updated with current owner information.

GUIDE DOGS EXEMPT (Section 5-43)

All service dogs used for support by disabled individuals shall be licensed as other dogs hereinabove provided, with the exception that the license fee will be waived.

LICENSE PERIOD (Section 5-39)

Shall be from July 1st of each year to June 30th of the following year.


All dogs and cats four (4) months of age or older, shall be vaccinated against rabies with an approved rabies vaccine.


Millions of unwanted puppies and kittens are born each year. This has caused a pet over-population. There are not enough homes for all of these animals; many are kept in cages all their lives or euthanized. Spaying and neutering can improve behavior problems and discourage health disorders as a pet ages. We strongly encourage all pet owners to spay and neuter their pets.   



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