Animals under decks, sheds and porches

We advise residents to try to make it uncomfortable for the animal to live in these places.   First step is to animal proof the structure by using hardware cloth attaching to the bottom of the structure. The hardware cloth should go into, the ground 6 inches then be flattened out in an “L “shape. The dirt can be placed back on top. Leave an area open large enough for the animal to get out. Place either ammonia rags or buy fox or coyote urine to spray by the opening. Take flour and sprinkle it in front of the opening, there will be no footprint in the flour if the animal is gone. The opening can now be closed like the rest of the structure was.  Newspaper can also be placed in the hole for a few days.  Once the paper has not been disturbed, the animal has left the area.

All window wells should have window well covers to keep animals from falling in. Any woodpiles should be piled neatly and away from the house. Any decaying wood on the home should be repaired preventing animals from chewing their way through to get into the house. All trees should be trimmed so they do not hang over the house, this will make it harder for the animals to climb up on the roof .

Animal proofing the home will keep wildlife from getting into the house and causing damage to the house.



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