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It is not uncommon to see raccoons, opossum, squirrels, skunks, etc visiting our backyards. Coyotes which were once a rarity, also share our land. All these animals are slowing losing their homes when new construction levels the wooded areas left in suburban towns.

In the fall is a good time to animal proof your property, such as under decks, porches, chimneys, etc. This is the time when animals start to burrow and dig to build their winter homes. This is in preparation for their offspring which are born from spring until early fall. If the animal is in the home or causing structural damage, a resident may apply for a humane trap, if it is not baby season. During this season, they will be referred to a private wildlife relocation service. This is due to the fact that the entire family must be removed. If the wildlife babies are left behind, they may not survive, especially if in an attic. The wildlife agencies have the necessary equipment to remove all the animals. These traps are also used for feral cats. The over-population of felines are often domestic cats abandoned by owners or simply lost and don’t return home. They are also the offspring of pets that are allowed to roam outdoors and reproduce while enjoying this freedom. Trapping feral cats is not always successful.  If someone in the neighborhood is feeding them, they may not go in the trap.  The Village Ordinance leash law pertains to ALL animals. For feral cat trapping, residents must be home in the daylight hours to set, bait and monitor the traps daily. (Village traps are available on a first come, first serve basis. Contact the Animal Control Unit at 847-202-6627 for further information.)

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E)  Wildlife Rehabilitation (Forest Preserve District of Cook County)



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