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Q: I was told all roads have an 80,000 maximum gross weight starting January 1, 2010. Is this true?

A: The short answer is yes.  The State of Illinois eliminated the non-designated road weight structure.  All trucks on all roads are now subject to the federal bridge law formula, with the maximum gross weight being 80,000 pounds for combinations of vehicles that meet the length requirements.  Maximum single axle weight is now 20,000 pounds and tandem axle weight is 34,000 pounds on all roads in Illinois, with some exceptions.

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Q: Where can I find a list of highway authorities?

A: IDOT maintains an online interactive map of state maintained highways as does the Cook County Highway Department.  Contact the Truck Enforcement Officer if you have any questions as to who maintains a certain highway in Palatine.

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Q: What are the weights for the bridge on Quentin Road between RT68 and Lake-Cook Road?

A: The maximum weight limits depend on the type of truck you are operating.
Single vehicle (straight truck)           20 tons (40,000 lbs.)
Combinations (3 or 4 axle)              26 tons (52,000 lbs.)
Combinations (5 or more axles)      32 tons (64,000 lbs.)

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Q: Is Lake-Cook Road part of RT53?

A: Lake-Cook Road is not part of RT53. Lake-Cook Road from Quentin Road east to where it ends in the north suburbs is under the maintenance authority of Cook County.  From Quentin Road west into Barrington it is under the maintenance authority of IDOT.

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Q: Where can I find more information on trucking laws in Illinois?

A: Please visit the website for the Illinois Truck Enforcement Association at www.illinoistruckcops.com

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Q: I thought I have one mile of access from any interstate. Is that true?

A: Under Federal law, trucks are allowed one mile of access from a National Network highway (interstate) only for the purposes of food, fuel, rest, repairs, loading and unloading.  Trucks may not use this mile to cut-thru to another highway and must obey all posted bridge weight limits.  In Palatine, RT53 is the only National Network highway and it ends at RT68.

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Q: What is the weight limit for the bridge on Palatine Road west of RT53?

A: The bridge on Palatine Road just west of RT53 at Winston Drive has a maximum gross weight of 40 tons and a maximum axle weight of 10 tons.  The bridge also supersedes Class I access discussed above.

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Q: Can I use local streets that are posted as “No Truck” routes?

A: Streets in Palatine posted as “No Trucks” are limited to trucks with a gross weight of 10,000 lbs. or less.  The 10,000 pound weight limit is defined as actual weight (on the scale), registered weight or manufacturers GVWR.  You can use them iif your destination is on the restricted street or the restricted street is the only access to your destination.  You cannot use the restricted street to cut-thru to another street.  No matter what, the vehicle weight and size must be legal  for the street as if was not restricted.

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Q: I received an overweight ticket. How do I pay the fine?

A: Technically, you are not paying the fine, but posting bail.  Anytime a uniform traffic ticket is issued in Illinios, bail must be posted in order to get the ticket transmitted to the county clerk.  This is like posting bail to get your friend out of jail…except we usually don’t lock people up in jail for traffic tickets!  With other moving violations, the bail is usually $120 or a drivers license.  In the case of overweight violations however, the bond schedule is tiered based upon how far overweight the truck was.  Once the bond is posted, no court appearance is required however.  The fine is the same as the bond amount.
The following bond payment methods must be posted in person at the Palatine Police Department.  All check options need to be made payable to the Circuit Court of Cook County:
  • Credit Card (The cardholder whose name is on the card must be present to sign.  No phone orders)
  • Cash
  • Cashiers Check
  • Certified Check
  • Money Order
The bond methods below may be paid over the phone as the officer has blank checks for each banking system.  Again, the payee for each check must be the Circuit Court of Cook County
  • ComChek (Comdata)   800-741-3030 (press 5 for “will call”)
  • T-Check Systems   800-776-2435
  • EFS Transcheck   800-238-4022
  • TCH Check   800-405-5601
  • Fleet One  800-359-7587

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Q: With the new weight limits, did the State of Illinois increase height, width and length laws??

A: The maximum height law did not change and is still 13'6".  The maximum width increased to 8'6" on all roads.  The maximum lengths remained the same.  If you are more than 1-mile from a National Network highway, you are subject to length limitations of that road and may be required to have oversize permits for access to and from your destination.

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