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Detectives of the Palatine Police Department provide expertise and resources to investigate crimes that happen in Palatine. The unit is supervised by a commander and two sergeants that oversee day to day operations and manage major cases. The unit has 20 officers assigned that include general detectives, youth officers, gang and tactical officers, narcotics officer and a cyber crime investigator. On a daily basis the investigations unit investigates crimes, combats juvenile delinquency, performs drug enforcement, investigates gang crimes, processes crime scenes and collects criminal intelligence.

The investigators work in plainclothes and are able to investigate crimes that are often complex and may extend over a significant period of time and geographical area. The cases are investigated until an arrest is made or there are no longer leads to pursue. Many of the investigators have received specialized training in areas such as child abuse, homicide investigations, delinquency, crime scene processing, interrogations and interviews and cyber crime. Detectives read all police reports generated by the department on a daily basis to correlate information as it may pertain to open investigations. They also keep in close contact with other departments in sharing information since criminals often cross jurisdictional boundaries to commit crime. Cases are also initiated through the use of informants.


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