One should never assume that they are jogging in a “safe” neighborhood, as anyone could be a potential victim in any area. Often times, attackers or burglars seek out areas where they feel people deem “safe” for just those reasons. If people feel safe, they might not lock their doors, or worse, let their guard down while walking or jogging. There are many precautions you can take to avoid becoming a victim, and you can also act as a “Neighborhood Watch” in motion! If you notice someone or something suspicious, you can alert the police by simply calling 911. It never hurts to trust your instincts! Here are some basic tips to keep in mind while staying fit!

Jog with a companion
• Keep alert to your surroundings, checking behind you occasionally
• Keep on busier streets, where more people are present
• Don’t use headphones- or just use one earphone with the volume on low
• Be cautious of anyone who stops you for directions, money, cigarettes, etc.
• Leave all jewelry at home!!
• Carry a cell phone with an “ICE” emergency contact should you become injured
• Change your route- patterns are noticeable to a potential attacker
• ALWAYS let someone know the route you will be taking and the time to expect you back
• Avoid night jogging if possible, or wear highly reflective clothing and shoes and stick to busy areas with lots of people
• Wear a whistle around your neck
• Avoid long hedge rows & empty parks
• Consider self defense classes & remember that any item you carry could be used against you
• Dogs are great, but don’t exhaust a furry friend who only wants to please you
• …and don’t forget the sunscreen!!

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