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How To Have A Successful Neighborhood Watch Program

What Is Required?

2 meetings a year with a police officer at one of the meetings (or both if you prefer)

How Do I Achieve This?

Host regular refresher meetings
Block Parties
Holiday Parties

How Do I Advertise A Meeting To My Neighborhood?

Use your phone or E-mail tree
E-mail your neighborhood an invitation
Send out a newsletter
Take a survey at the beginning of the year (ask what activities the neighborhood wants)
Send out flyers with the date on it (send them well in advance)
Announce meetings at a Homeowners Association meeting
*Remember 51% participation is not required at annual meetings*

Where Should I Host A Meeting?

A private home or backyard if it’s Summer time
Ask your local school if they have a room for an evening
Ask your church
On your block (you can block off the street for block parties *get application on line)
Meet with another Neighborhood Watch Group for a block party and kill 2 birds with one stone

How Do I Get A Police Officer To Attend A Meeting?

To have a police officer give a presentation at your meeting from the Crime Prevention topics offered, call the Crime Prevention Office to schedule the presentation 847-359-9061. To have a beat officer stop by a block party to see the kids and give out goodies, contact your beat Sergeant with the date and time of the event (*Note…beat officers will not remain at block parties or other outside events for extended periods of time, they are on duty and may receive calls for service while at your event*)

*Remember…The meetings can be fun, ask neighbors to help make a pot luck block party. Be sure to always fill out the proper forms with the village to host events like block parties…You can do this online*


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