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The Village of Palatine began operating red light enforcement cameras at selected intersections beginning in early 2008. The intersections are identified as “Red Light Photo Enforced” through signage. The following intersections are equipped with red light enforcement cameras:
  • Northbound Plum Grove Rd. at Illinois Ave.
  • Westbound Palatine Rd. at Northwest Hwy.
  • Eastbound Dundee Rd. at Rand Rd.
  • Westbound Dundee Rd. at Rand Rd.
  • Northbound Rand Rd. at Hicks Rd.
The Village of Palatine has three main objectives for implementing the program:
  • to reduce the number of injury crashes resulting from right angle and turning collisions;
  • reduce the total number of crashes at an intersection overall;
  • reduce the number of Red Light Violations at the selected intersections.

Why does Palatine need Red Light Cameras?

Traffic studies show that Red Light Running is a problem at several intersections within the Village. The goal of the camera program is to change driver behavior by encouraging compliance with traffic signal laws through around-the-clock enforcement.

Why aren’t Police Officers monitoring these intersections?

The Palatine Police Department is committed to the safety of their residents, but no community can afford to police every red light intersection 24 hours a day. Traditional enforcement also creates a safety hazard for the violator, other drivers, pedestrians and the officer when police pursues a violator through a red light. This technology frees up officers to assist and protect residents in other ways.

 36 Month Statistical Analysis


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