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 The above slideshow shows the Traffic Unit teaching students about roadway safety

The number one concern we get from residents is that of traffic issues near their homes. While the beat cars make an effort to address these concerns by dedicating available patrol time to specific problem locations, also known as Selective Enforcement, the time can be limited by calls for service. In June of 2008, the Palatine Police Department acquired two full-time officers dedicated to addressing traffic-related concerns throughout the Village. Traffic Officers work staggered shifts to provide maximum coverage. They drive a dedicated traffic enforcement vehicle which is a 2008 Dodge Charger equipped with a moving radar system, a handheld laser device, and an in-car camera system. The Traffic Enforcement Unit also strives to improve the driving habits of our residents by providing education through presentations at homeowner meetings, a Streetfest booth, and high school driver education classes.

In addition to the Traffic Unit, the Village of Palatine is utilizing funds from the State of Illinois to help keep our roadways safer. Through grants, we are able to send out additional officers to focus on occupant protection through child safety seat and seat belt enforcement. Throughout the year, we set up Occupant Protection Enforcement Zones where officers will monitor particular locations and issue seat belt tickets when appropriate. Since this effort began, seat belt compliance throughout the Village is approximately 97%! The other area of concern is that of intoxicated motorists. We have addressed this problem through dedicated DUI patrols, particularly on weekends and holidays. We have also established late-night roadside safety checks to make sure drivers are obeying the rules of the road and operating their motor vehicles safely.


Motorcycle and Bicycle Units:

Officer Berry

The Palatine Police Department has supplemented the motor vehicle fleet with two fully-equipped Harley-Davidson police motorcycles. Officers operating these motorcycles are able to handle the same calls for service of an officer driving a squad car with the benefit of quick response to areas of the Village not easily accessible by car (bike paths, water reservoirs, golf courses and wooded areas). The Police Department also has a fleet of trained officers operating on designated police mountain bikes. The Bicycle Unit is able to attack problem areas quickly and quietly on the mountain bikes. This unit is ideally suited to seek out those who commit crimes in secluded areas or situations where criminals would be looking for a squad car to approach before stopping the illegal activity. These specialized units afford us the opportunity to prevent crime and apprehend offenders from differing angles.
 Palatine Police Bike Officers


Officers Berry and Schenkel

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