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Village Offers Free Wood Mulch for Homeowner Landscaping

Palatine residents have come to enjoy the double-ground wood mulch the Village has provided for the past several years.  This “green” initiative allows the Village to recycle wood from trees removed throughout the year.  The Village uses the mulch for their landscaping beds, however, the mulch is also made available to residents.

A layer of mulch can enhance and protect plants, shrubs, and trees by reducing root damage caused by temperature extremes.  Mulch can also inhibit weeds, retain moisture, control soil erosion, prevent soil compaction, and help prevent soil splashing on to buildings.

Because this is such a popular program, residents are encouraged to call beginning March 1st to schedule a delivery appointment for April with the Department of Public Works by calling (847) 705-5200. Deliveries are made on Fridays only to residents' driveway aprons.  The cost is just $14 per cubic yard and there is a three cubic yard minimum order for delivery.

For smaller amounts of mulch, residents may visit mulch bins at the holding center located at 550 N. Smith Street near the Smith Tank water tower.  Please bring your own shovel and containers.


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