Block Party Guidelines

The Village encourages neighbors to enjoy the summer at organized block parties. The first step is to apply for a block party permit at least two weeks prior to the event. The permit allows neighbors to close off a designated street until 11 p.m.

Block parties are the perfect opportunity for residents to take time to relax with their family and neighbors. It’s a good way to meet new families on the block and learn what’s going on within the neighborhood.

These events also encourage safety for homes and children as neighbors begin to look out for one another. It’s helpful if neighbors (adults and kids) can spot a stranger on their street and know who to alert in the case of an emergency.

Police and Fire department personnel are usually available to attend the festivities to teach youngsters good safety habits.
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Block Party Contact Information   
First Name     
Last Name     
Home Address     
Home Zip Code     
Phone Number     
Block Party Information   
Date of Party     
Start Time     
End Time     
Location of Party(From what street to what street?)     
Note to applicant(s): Only moveable barricades may be used. Blocking streets with vehicles is prohibited.   
Address of Barricade Drop off     
(Barricades will be delivered no later than the Friday preceding the party)   
Have all neighbors been notified? (All neighbors must be notified in advance)     
Request for Police to visit block party if available     
If you would like a visit from the Fire Department please contact Sarah McKillop at 847-202-6340 to make arrangments.   
Please understand that Police Officers and Firefighters are on duty, and may arrive late, leave early, or not arrive at all. Equipment can be demonstrated and explained.   

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