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Conditions and Restrictions of Permit

  1. Permit Application must be submitted no less than 7 days prior the event. 
  2. The permit shall be limited tp the hours granted by the Village.
  3. The only sounds permitted shall be either music or human speech, or both.
  4. Speakers for sound amplification equipment shall be directed, to the extent feasible, toward open or unoccupied space and away from residentially occupied property.
  5. In any event, the volume of sound shall be so controlled that it will not be unreasonably loud, raucous, jarring, disturbing or a nuisance to reasonable persons of normal sensitiveness within the area of audibility. 
  6.  No permit shall cause or permit to be emanated or emitted from any such device any lewd, obscene, profane, or indecent language or sounds, or any false representation of any matter, product, or project advertised.
  7. The permit may include additional restrictions or conditions to the permit.
On the day of the event(s), the Police Department may revoke any permit if the sound is deemed to be in violation of any of the above restrictions.
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By submitting the Temporary Event Sound Waiver Permit, you hereby agree to all the above conditions and restrictions.   

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