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Palatine Enters Into Agreement With Integrys Energy Services

April 30, 2012
The Villages of Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove, Lincolnshire, Long Grove, Palatine, Vernon Hills, and Wheeling have entered into an agreement with Integrys Energy Services, Inc. to provide electric supply services which will save eligible customers more than 42% off their current electric supply. The price reduction refers to the electricity supply portion of the bill only, not the cost of delivery. 
The municipalities began working together in 2011 and created a consortium in order to pool their resources and buying power, making themselves one of the largest consortium groups in the State. The consortium worked with Mark Pruitt representing Intelligent Power Partners as their consultant. The consortium secured a rate of 4.775 cents per kilowatt hour compared to ComEd’s April 2012 residential supply rate of 8.233* cents per kilowatt hour.  In addition to a substantial savings on electricity supply costs, the Northwest Consortium’s new program will ensure that the fees paid by participants for electricity generation go to purchase renewable energy certificates from wind resources. Mayor Jim Schwantz stated “While we wanted to achieve significant savings for our residents, we also wanted to be proactive in protecting our natural resources. To save more than 40% and use renewable energy was an outstanding accomplishment.”
“We look forward to providing electricity supply service to the Northwest Consortium communities and adding renewable energy certificates to our mix,” said Brian Bowe, Illinois Direct Mass Market Manager for Integrys Energy Services. “These are exciting times in the State of Illinois with so many communities moving forward with electric aggregation. Integrys is proud having been selected to supply the Northwest Consortium”. Eligible residents and small commercial customers will receive a letter from the Village and Integrys in the next several days describing the program.
Individuals are recommended to be cautious of offers from other firms seeking to contract with customers.   The Village recommends comparing the rate of service and all terms and conditions before signing a contract or agreement. 
The Consortium’s aggregations are opt-out programs, such that eligible customers will become part of the Villages’ program automatically – no action is required unless an eligible customer desires to opt-out. Individuals who have expiring contracts with another supplier would be required to opt-in to the Village program if they are interested. Individuals already served by Integrys will receive information from Integrys on their ability to switch to the aggregation program’s favorable electric rate.
An early termination fee of $25 will apply if a customer leaves the program after the rescission period which ends five business days before the switch to Integrys’ service is to occur. 
The rate of electric supply will take effect immediately and the Village’s agreement will extend through the last meter read date on or before June 30, 2013.
Further information about the program will be posted on the Village’s website. 
*The current ComEd Basic Electric Service Rate in effect from October 1, 2011, through May 31, 2012, including the Purchased Electricity Supply Charge, Transmission Services Charge and the April 2012 Purchased Electricity Adjustment Charge. 


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