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Palatine to Host a Document Destruction and Electronics Recycling Event

August 6, 2014

Glenview, IL August 4, 2014 – The Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County (SWANCC) is sponsoring a number of Document Destruction (DDE) and Electronics Recycling Events during spring, summer and fall months. Since 2005, 1,114,320 pounds of paper have been shredded and recycled from SWANCC one-day events. There is no cost to attend an event, but residents must live in one of SWANCC’s member communities to participate. IDs will be checked for proof of residency. Materials from businesses, institutions or schools will not be accepted.

On Saturday, August 16, 2014, the Village of Palatine, Palatine Park District and Palatine Public Library will host a combined event at Harper College, 1200 W. Algonquin Road – Parking Lot 3, from 9 a.m. to noon.  As SWANCC residents drive up in their vehicles, workers will unload the paper documents and electronics. Residents are asked to remain in their car during the event.

Typical documents to shred include medical forms, bank statements, personal files and retired tax forms.  Staples and paper clips are acceptable, but binders should be removed.  Residents will be limited to six file-size boxes or paper shopping bags per vehicle.  Do Not bring paper in plastic bags. 

Under the Illinois Product Recycling and Reuse Act, instituted on January 1, 2012, specific electronics are prohibited from being thrown away in the garbage.  SWANCC’s program provides a recycling option for banned electronics such as computers and televisions, as well as other household electronics. 

Acceptable materials for recycling include Answering Machines, Cable Receiver, Calculators, Camcorders, Cameras, CDs, DVDs, Computer Cables, Computer monitors,

Computers (Desktop, Notebook, Tablet), Converter Boxes, Copy Machines, Fax Machines, Humidifiers, Microwaves, Mobile Telephones, Mouse or Keyboards, MP3 Players, Portable Digital Assistants (PDAs), Postage Machines, Power Tools or Cords, Printers (Multi-function Printers), Satellite Receiver, Scanners, Shredders, Small Home Appliances (Toasters, Blenders, Vacuum Cleaners, Mini Refrigerators, etc.), Stereo Equipment, Telephones, Televisions, Typewriters, Video Game Consoles, Video Recorders/Players and Zip Drives.

“SWANCC’s goal is to provide convenient and environmentally-sound programs to assist residents with recycling materials, which keeps potentially harmful as well as recoverable materials from going to a landfill,” stated Mary Allen, SWANCC Recycling and Education Director.

All paper is shredded on site by Accurate Document Destruction, a division of Groot Industries. The electronics will be recycled by Com2 Recycling Solutions.  For more information about these companies, please visit or

 For more information on SWANCC’s recycling events or other recycling information, please contact the Agency at (847) 724-9205 or visit SWANCC’s website at


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