1. Building Permit & Inspections

    Building Permits & Inspections is a division of Community Services

  2. Community Services

    The primary purpose of Community Services will be to protect the public health, welfare, and safety of our customers, through enforcement of building, health, and property maintenance code requirements.

  3. Emergency Management

    The Palatine Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) under its current structure emphasizes the need for a coordinated effort involving local, state, and federal agencies as well as volunteer organizations and private businesses in the community, working together toward a common goal.

  4. Environmental Health Division

    The Environmental Health Division strives to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all Village residents.

  5. Finance Department

    The Finance Department is responsible for the financial operation of the Village such as the annual budget and audit, financial planning and reporting.

  6. Fire Department

    The Palatine Fire Department annually responds to approximately 8,000 requests for Fire and EMS (Emergency Medical Service) calls. Our department protects over 69,000 residents within a 13.5 square mile area.

  7. Fire Prevention

    The Palatine Fire Prevention Division takes a proactive approach to limiting the loss of life and property from fire or hazardous condition.

  8. Human Resources

    The Human Resources Department provides overall management and administration over compensation and employment, employee benefits, risk management, occupational health, employee relations, and employee safety.

  9. Information Technology

    The IT department is responsible for the technology used through-out the Village of Palatine facilities and vehicles.

  10. Neighborhood Services Division

    Neighborhood Services is a division of Community Services. They are responsible for all areas and aspects of the Residential Rental Dwelling License program. Neighborhood Services also assists tenants and landlords with property maintenance disputes.

  11. Planning & Zoning Department

    Welcome to Palatine’s Department of Planning and Zoning, where we work with residents, business owners and Village Officials to actively promote a safe and vibrant community.

  12. Police Department

    The mission of the Palatine Police Department is to ensure a safe community in which to live and work and to improve the quality of life in the Village of Palatine by working cooperatively with the public to protect life and property, to preserve law and order and to respect the rights and dignity of all people.

  13. Public Works

    The Public Works Department is in charge of Palatine sewer, water, streets, and forestry.

  14. Village Clerk's Office

    The Village Clerk's office carries out the statutory requirements by complying with the Local Records Act, Freedom of information Act, Open Meetings Act, and Consolidated Election Law.

  15. Village Manager's Office

    The Village Manager’s office consists of Village Manager, Human Resources, and Administrative Services Division.