Common Terms

Lot Area

The area of a horizontal plane bounded by the front, side and rear lot lines, measured within the lot boundaries.

Lot Width

A horizontal distance measured between the side lot lines, measured within the lot boundaries.

Lot Coverage

Percent of lot covered by all buildings and any other impervious surfaces. Lot coverage percentage is total square feet of building coverage and other impervious surfaces divided by total square feet of lot.

Maximum Building Coverage

Percent of footprint of all roofed structures, decks greater than 16” in height and above ground pools.

Minimum Setbacks

The minimum horizontal distance between the front, rear or side lot lines and a building in which no structures or paving may be located, unless permitted by the Zoning Ordinance.

Maximum Building Height

The vertical length from ground level to the mean height between the eaves and ridges of a roof or the coping of a flat roof.