General Rules

Allowed Encroachments

Allowed encroachments into Required yards are:

  • Accessory structures such as decks greater than 16 inches, balconies, porches, breezeways: Permitted when permanently attached to principal building with aggregate floor area less than 10% of required rear yard and 25 feet from rear lot line.
  • Air Conditioner: it’s a permitted obstruction on rear or side within 3 feet of house (ZO- Sec. 10.01)
  • Bay Windows: 2 feet encroachment into the setbacks
  • Chimneys: 3 feet projection into the setbacks
  • Churches: 20 feet setback to any lot line
  • Driveway: 2 feet from interior lot line
    • 25 feet maximum (5 feet. from lot line)
    • To 30 feet maximum width (2 car)
    • To 35 feet maximum width (3 car)
  • Eaves, gutters, etc: 3 feet encroachment into the setbacks
  • Stoops: Can encroach into front setback if not bigger than 5 feet deep and 9 feet wide. Steps are not included and can encroach more than the 5 feet (Sec. 10.01 (d) (1 & 2).