50/50 Tree Planting Program

The Village of Palatine offers a fine selection of deciduous trees on a 50/50 cost basis for planting a new tree in the parkway adjacent to your home. The Village pays half of the cost of the tree and the resident pays the second half. The cost of the tree includes planting and a one year guarantee with one replacement, if necessary. Residents may select the tree of their choice from the 50/50 Tree Planting Program Brochure, which is released twice each year in the spring and fall. Included in the program are trees designated specifically for planting underneath overhead power lines. By planting species that grow to a lower height, we can avoid severe pruning by the utility companies and these trees will maintain their natural shape and beauty. The Village Arborist must pre-approve planting locations for program participation.

Trees can only be planted in the parkway. Requests will be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Due to the limited size of the program, priority on tree choice will be based on date of receipt of order and payment.

Please be aware that if a parkway tree has been removed by the Village within the past twelve months, a replacement tree will be planted at no charge to the homeowner. We work with specific quantities and species to diversify the urban forest.

For more information about the 50/50 Tree Planting Program, please call Public Works at (847) 705-5200.

Maple Tree