Leaf Collection

The Department of Public Works picks up fallen leaves during the autumn season.  Each residence has two scheduled pick-ups, beginning in October.  Each year, the Fall Newsletter will be delivered before leaf collection starts.  In the newsletter are a map and schedule to determine which pick-up zone your home is in, or you can check the "Collection Day Lookup" or "Leaf Collection Map" here on our website.  The interactive Map lets users zoom into different areas of the Village.  The Lookup allows you to search for a specific address.


  • All raked leaves must be put into the street and ready for pick-up no later than 7 AM on scheduled days, but no earlier than 4 PM the day before the collection.
  • Only one pass down each street will be made on scheduled collection days.  Due to the large volume of leaves, trucks are unable to return a second time.
  • There are two scheduled collection dates for each residence.  Refer to the Map or Lookup to determine your zone and two-day schedule.
  • A final pick-up will occur for all zones after the scheduled collection.  All zones must have the final collection of leaves out on the street by 7 AM on Monday, November 18.  Crews will start the final pick-up on Monday and continue throughout the week until all leaves have been collected.  Only one pass down each street will be made.

We May Start Early

There may be times when the quantity of leaves in one area is so heavy that the leaf collection crews will start early in that area in order to get a head start on picking up the leaves. When this is the case, crews will always return to your area on the regularly scheduled pick-up day, even if some of the leaves on your street were picked up a day or two ahead of schedule.

Sometimes We Get Behind

There may also be times when the crews get behind schedule due to weather, equipment problems, or the amount of leaves, but be assured we will be there. Your patience is appreciated. Street sweeping is part of the leaf collection process. Since the street sweeper moves at a slower pace than the leaf machines, street clean-up will often take longer than the pick-ups.

Leave Collection is a Two-Step ProcessLeaf Pile

First the leaves are picked up and removed by crews operating the leaf machines. Second, the street sweeper does a final clean-up of any remaining debris. Since the street sweeper moves at a slower pace than the leaf machines, street clean-up takes longer than the pick-ups.

What Happens if it Snows

In case of snow prior to the final leaf collection, leaves raked to the curb for collection would most likely be plowed onto the parkway along with the snow. Depending on the weather, every attempt will be made to collect leaves remaining or that have been raked back into the street. An early snowfall seriously hampers our leaf collection efforts because the same trucks that are used to pick up leaves are needed to plow the streets.

Call the Department of Public Works at (847) 705-5200 with any questions.