Our Most Precious Natural Resource

Gone are the days when we could take a plentiful supply of clean water for granted. Today, water is regarded as one of our most precious natural resources. We in the Village of Palatine Department of Public Works are committed to assuring that an ample supply of high quality water is available for our residents and businesses.

The Water Supply

Though most of us give little thought to where the water that flows from the tap comes from, it took years of planning and an investment of millions of dollars to take the steps necessary to assure that the water would continue to flow.

In the early 1980s, the Village of Palatine joined with four other municipalities to form the Northwest Water Commission. Water SupplyThe Commission built a pipeline from Evanston to deliver Lake Michigan water to the member suburbs. The transition from well water to Lake Michigan water occurred in 1986. And although all water in Palatine comes from Lake Michigan, several wells are kept operational in case of an emergency.

Lake Michigan water enters the Village at two points. North Supply is located north of Palatine High School on Rohlwing Road and South Supply is located on Michigan Avenue near the Combined Services Facility. The lake water is stored at these two locations in ground storage tanks, then pumped through the system to all areas of the Village.