Police Beat 8150

Palatine Public LibraryWelcome to Police Beat 8150. I am Sergeant Ken Mattuck, your primary contact and beat coordinator for 8150. I am currently assigned to the afternoon shift.


Geographically, Beat 8150 is located in the northwest section of Palatine, roughly north of Northwest Highway and west of Hicks Road. It consists of many apartment and condominium communities as well as single family neighborhoods Stablesand retail establishments. Some points of interest around the beat are the Palatine Public Library, Palatine Hills Golf Course, the Palatine Stables, and Eagle Pool. Schools within 8150 include Sundling Junior High and Lincoln Elementary.

Running through a large portion of Beat 8150 is the western section of the Palatine Bicycle Trail. Specially trained Bike Officers patrol the path to interact with residents and help keep it safe. In addition, officers from the 8150 team meet with neighborhood watch groups, attend block parties with residents, interact with business owners and work together with school officials on a regular basis.

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We strongly believe that a critical element to keeping our community safe is open lines of communication between citizens and the police. The next time you are planning a community event, please feel free to contact me or any of the members of the 8150 team to see how we can be involved. I can be reached by calling 847-359-9000.