Abatement (Section 5-9 & Section 5-23)

Any vicious dog, cat or other animal constituting a public nuisance as provided in this chapter may be referred to the Animal Safety Commission (Article II of Chapter 5) for public hearing and disposition upon receipt by the Commission of certified copies of the judgment and sentence showing 1 citation and conviction of an owner (convictions to include unpaid tickets, with proof of service, sent for collection) for violations of section 5-6 and no finding was entered by the court showing that the owner will be able to provide restraints to protect he public.

At the conclusion of said hearing, the commission may enter such order as it determines appropriate to resolve the controversy, and in the event that it finds the dog, cat or other animal constitutes a public nuisance which should be abated, destroyed or removed from the Village, it shall order it and it shall notify the owner of the animal of its findings and it shall serve a copy of the said order upon the Palatine Health Department. Thereupon the Palatine Health Department shall direct the animal owner and assure that the owner of said dog, cat or other animal abates, destroys or removes the same from the village within 96 hours from the date of notice.