Fire / Building Codes

The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for the plans review and inspections for all commercial, industrial, multi-family, and institutional buildings. Five sets of building plans must be submitted to the Village of Palatine Community Services Division, and they will forward a set to Fire Prevention. The Fire Prevention Division does not assess any fees, above those levied by Community Services. Our review process has a ten day turn around, and all plans are reviewed in house. The current codes are the 2000 edition of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Life Safety Code 101, 2009 editions of the International Building and Fire Code (IBC, IFC), and The Palatine Code of Ordinances specifically Chapter 7. The Village of Palatine has a zero square foot rule for automatic fire sprinklers for all new buildings and when there is a change of use in existing buildings. Currently single and two family homes are exempt; however, if engineered lumber systems like TJIs are used, they must be protected by fire rated gypsum board or automatic sprinklers. Fire alarms are also required and must be direct tie to the Palatine Fire Department via a wireless transmitter. A Knox box exterior key safe shall be installed on all buildings with an alarm system. Restaurant kitchen hood and duct suppression systems shall be monitored by an approved fire alarm.

During the various stages of construction the Fire Prevention Division will visit the building to witness the flush test of the underground supply for the suppression system, a 200 PSI automatic fire sprinkler hydrostatic test, fire alarm test, and kitchen hood suppression test. Once the construction has been completed and before the business opens we will conduct a final fire inspection. To schedule an inspection or ask a question you can contact our office at 847-359-9029.