Fire Alarm Requirements

All fire alarm systems in the Village of Palatine shall transmit fire, trouble, and supervisory signals directly to Northwest Central Dispatch through a wireless transmitter installed in accordance with NFPA 72 – 2007 Edition. Only equipment certified and approved by the remote receiving station, and/or its’ designated proprietor may be installed.

An exterior audio-visual device is required on the exterior wall above all new fire department sprinkler and / or standpipe connections which shall activate when water is flowing. The device installed shall be specified for outdoor use, and must be visible from the street or driveway. [VOP Section 7-39.3(a)]

Where a fire alarm is required to be installed, a Knox Box shall be installed on the building, in a location which must be approved by the Fire Prevention Division. [VOP Section 7-40.9].

Submitted fire alarm drawings shall include the following:

  • 3 complete sets of scaled shop drawings.
  • 3 sets of the voltage drop calculations.
  • 3 sets of the manufacturers’ cut sheets for all system components.
  • 1 copy of the contractor’s state license.

Upon Village approval of the drawings, the permit applicant will be given two stamped sets back, one of which must be on the job site at all times.

The following Inspections are required to be complied by Fire Prevention prior to obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy with the Village.

  • Fire Alarm Shop Drawing
  • Fire Alarm Device Test
  • Final Fire Alarm

If you have additional questions about Automatic Fire Alarm Requirements, or to schedule an inspection please contact the Fire Prevention Office at 847-359-9029.