Village of Palatine Knox Box Program

Through a variety of options, the Palatine Fire Department has the ability to use "Knox Box" to gain rapid non-destructive access to your residence. Only the Fire Department is able to gain access to the Knox Box.

Commercial Knox Box

For buildings in which a fire alarm is required, or where immediate access is deemed necessary by the Fire Department a Knox Box is required per Village Ordinance. Orders can be placed directly on the Knox Box Website to order a Knox Box for your building. Your Knox Box will be shipped directly to the Palatine Fire Prevention Division and we will notify you to make delivery arrangements.

Residential Home Box

The Fire Prevention Division offers residents the ability to purchase a Knox Home Box for installation on their residence. Residents are able to order the box directly from The Knox Company in a variety of options and colors. Once ordered, the box will ship directly to Village Hall, and the Fire Prevention office will contact you to make arrangements for delivery.

Temporary Residential Knox Boxes

The Palatine Fire Department and Palatine Firefighters Union Local 4588 have a limited number of Temporary Residential Knox Boxes available for loan, up to one year. To be eligible you should be on a limited fixed income and have a medical or physical condition which limits your ability to get to and open the door. If you think you are eligible contact the Fire Prevention office at 847-359-9029.

Multi-Family Knox Box 

Certain multi-family buildings have purchased a Knox Multi-Family box as an added benefit for their residents. If you are interested in finding out if your building offers this and to take advantage of this benefit, please contact the Fire Prevention Division at 847-359-9029.