Yellow Dot

Scene of Car Accident

The Palatine Police and Fire Departments are teaming up with the Illinois Department of Transportation to promote participation in the Yellow Dot program. Yellow Dot is a traffic safety initiative which aims to provide emergency responders with critical emergency medical information about occupants of a vehicle. Participants in the program display a 3-inch round, yellow decal (the "Yellow Dot") in their vehicle’s rear window which alerts responders to the presence of a corresponding yellow medical information file kept in the glove compartment. Information about the driver and passenger(s) can be kept in this file. Immediate access to this information can be especially critical for people who have medical conditions such as heart problems, diabetes or allergies to medications so that paramedics and other responders can more quickly assess and appropriately treat them in the event of an accident.

Yellow Dot packets are available free of charge at the Palatine Police Department at 595 North Hicks Road. Visit the Yellow Dot Illinois home page for more information.