Prepared Food & Beverage Tax

Prepared Food and Beverage tax is imposed upon the retail purchase of prepared foods and beverages and all alcoholic beverages at any Prepared Food Facility or Retail Liquor Facility within the Village, at the rate of one percent of the purchase price of such prepared food, prepared beverage, or alcoholic beverage, the ultimate incidence of any liability for payment of the tax shall be borne by the purchaser.

Ownership Duties

The owner and the operator of each Prepared Food Facility and each Retailer Liquor Facility within the Village shall jointly and severally have the duty to cause to be filed, a sworn return with the Finance Director for each facility and for each licensed premises located in the Village. The return shall be prepared and submitted on forms prescribed by the Village and filed with the Village by the filing date and at the same time intervals or frequencies as the Sales and Use Tax Return, form ST-1, is due to be filed with the Illinois Department of Revenue.

The return shall also be accompanied by payment to the Village of all taxes imposed, which are due and owing for the period covered by the return. The return shall also be accompanied by a copy of the return filed with the Illinois Department of Revenue for sales within the Village of Palatine covering the same reporting period.