Business Licenses

The Village of Palatine licenses businesses and home occupations in order to ensure a safe working and shopping environment for employees and patrons alike through tracking of businesses along with a yearly fire inspection of commercial sites. Though home occupations (except childcare), do not get an annual inspection, the community can be assured that they are registered and have some zoning rules and guidelines that must be followed.

Every business in the Village of Palatine requires a business license, unless the business is exempted by State law. All businesses that are not currently licensed under a State or Federal law, and are operating for-profit within the village limits must have a current business license.

Zoning Approval

Part of the Business License application process requires zoning approval. The Planning and Zoning Department is required to review and approve each license application. Being approved by zoning ensures that your business activity is permitted in the zoning district in which you are located. You can also check the zoning classification of your business address for commercial sites ahead of time by utilizing the Property Information Lookup, or calling 847-359-9047.

How to Apply

Applying for a business license is easy. Applications are accepted in person, and by mail. The first step in applying for a business license is to complete a Business License application, for either commercial or, home based businesses. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at 847-359-9088.

Depending on your business activity, you may also be required to apply and/or register for the following:

  • Special Use You can call The Planning and Zoning Department at 847-359-9047.
  • Food Dealer Permit You can call The Environmental Health Department at 847-359-9090.
  • Food and Beverage Tax You can call The Finance Department at 847-359-9088.
  • Liquor License You can call Village Administration at 847-359-9031.
  • Fire Inspection You can call Fire Prevention at 847-359-9029.

License Application Filing Fee

Your application needs to be submitted with the proper remittance. The fees will vary based on the type of license(s) you are applying for. This would also include all fees for cigarette sales, vending machines, amusements. If you are selling and buying silver and gold, a separate form will also need to be filled out. View the Business License fee schedule (PDF).

Operating a Business Without a License

The Village of Palatine Municipal Code mandates that no business activity may take place without first obtaining the required license(s). A pending license application does not allow you to operate. Failure to comply can result in enforcement action.

License Approval

Certain types of commercial businesses require that the establishment undergo, and pass an inspection from one or more of the Village of Palatine departments. Common inspections include the departments of Buildings, Fire Prevention and Environmental Health. In the event that the business did not pass any or all of the inspections, it is imperative that all violations are corrected before your license is issued. After inspections are completed and approved, licenses are issued by the business license department and mailed to the business location, unless otherwise instructed. Business license(s) must be posted in a conspicuous location within the business establishment.

Renewing Your Business License

On December 31 of the current year, your business license will expire. You will receive a renewal notice in the mail prior to expiration. You are encouraged to renew in person or by mail. Be sure to renew before February 1, to avoid a 50% penalty. As directed by the Village Manager the business license division shall notify all licensees of the village of the time of expiration 3 weeks prior to the date of such expiration. Provided, however, that a failure to make such notification or failure of the licensee to receive it shall not excuse the licensee from the obligation to obtain a new license, or renewal thereof, nor shall it be a defense in an action based upon operation without a license