Outdoor Warning Siren

Siren Test Times

The Village performs a monthly siren test to ensure all sirens are functioning. The entire system is tested for 30 seconds at 10:00am on the first Tuesday of every month. 

What Should I Do if I Hear the Sirens?

If the sirens are activated - and it is not a monthly siren test - the public should see it as a signal to

  • Seek shelter;  
  • Tune in to radio or television to get information about
    • type of emergency and
    • instructions and recommendations; and
  • Listen to your local media for indications that the emergency is over.

When a Tornado Watch is issued by the National Weather Service, tornados are possible in our area. Remain alert for approaching storms.

When a Tornado Warning is issued by the National Weather Service, it means that a tornado has been spotted or indicated by weather.

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