What are the allowable defenses for a Red Light Violation?
Allowable defenses include:
- Police officer already issued you a uniform traffic citation for the same violation (the citation issued by the police officer takes precedence over the Violation Notice).
- Vehicle or license plates were stolen and not recovered at the time of the violation
- Vehicle was leased or rented to another party, and a written affidavit of the lessee of the vehicle and a lease agreement were submitted
- Vehicle was lawfully participating in a funeral procession or yielding to an emergency vehicle
- Respondent was not the registered owner or lessee of the cited vehicle at the time of the violation
- Any other evidence or issues deemed as a defense by the Hearing Officer.

These allowable defenses as permitted pursuant to Illinois State Law 625 ILCS 5/11-208.6.

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1. What are the allowable defenses for a Red Light Violation?
2. What if I was not the operator of the car at the time the violation took place, am I still liable?
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7. What if I am found liable?
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