How do I dispose of my old smoke alarms?

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Ionization smoke detectors contain small amounts of radioactive materials. Never disassemble a smoke detector. Intact detectors pose little threat, but can be a health hazard if broken open. By federal regulation, all smoke detectors contain the mail-back address to send used units with radioactive chips. The address of the supplier may be listed in the product warranty or user's manual. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission suggests checking the label on the detector for disposal options, but residents may safely discard individual units in their regular garbage.

How to dispose my old smoke alarms.

For First Alert or BRK: call First Alert at 800-323-9005.

For Other Brands: Curie Environmental in New Mexico will take any smoke detector back for a fee. For specific instructions on how to send the detector, see

Lighting Resources, LLC
(866) 375-7340
Greenwood, IN
Recycling kits are available for smoke detectors, batteries, electronic waste and mercury devices.


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