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1. What if I live out of state or a significant distance or I travel often, and am unable to attend a seminar?
2. What is a Lease Addendum and how do I get one?
3. What happens if I do not comply with the Crime Free Ordinance?
4. If I have attended a seminar in another town, will I be required to attend Palatine’s as well?
5. I already paid my license renewal fee and completed an inspection of my property. Do I still need to attend the seminar?
6. I rent to family and don’t really have a lease. Do I still need to be compliant with the ordinance?
7. The Program is called Crime Free Multi-Housing, but I own a single family home or individual unit. Do I still need to attend a seminar and adopt a lease addendum?
8. I received the mailing and forgot to register for a seminar before my expiration, what should I do?
9. Am I able to bring my child to the seminar with me?
10. Who is permitted to attend the Crime Free Refresher Course?
11. What are the dates of the seminars?
12. Is Palatine the only town participating in this program?
13. Can my friend or family member attend a seminar on my behalf?
14. Where are the seminars hosted and what time do they start?