Flood Prevention

  1. Basement Flooding

    Get information regarding basement flooding.

  2. Drainage Maintenance

    It is illegal to deposit any type of debris including branches, leaves, grass clippings or dirt into or adjacent to any creeks, ponds, wetlands detention basins, ditches or other areas that periodically collect and convey storm waters

  3. Flood Control Program

    The Village of Palatine's residential and recreational areas are dotted with a network of creeks, wetlands, reservoirs, and detention/retention basins. They are essential components of the Village's multi-faceted flood control program.

  4. Flood Insurance

    Property owners in flood hazard areas are often unaware of the risk of floods and do not carry adequate flood protection insurance to cover potential losses.

  5. Flood Protection

    The village subscribes to a local weather forecasting service and closely monitors upcoming weather conditions.

  6. Flood Safety

    Flooding has caused the death of more than 10,000 people since 1900. There are some simple rules to remember to keep you and your family safe if a flood should affect you.

  7. Local Flood Hazard Areas

    Certain lands adjacent to Salt Creek, Buffalo Creek including their various branches and tributaries as well as several low-lying areas in the Village of Palatine have been identified as flood hazard areas

  8. Maps of the Local Flood Hazard Area

    The Village Engineering Department can assist you in determining whether your property is located in a flood hazard area.

  9. Permits Requirements

    Building permits are required for many remodeling projects, repairs, replacements, new structures, additions, decks, driveways, sheds, pools and fences.

  10. Plumbing & Sewer System Upgrades

    Fin information about plumbing and sewer system upgrades.

  11. Rain Gardens

    Rain gardens are small basins that collect rain from sump pumps, driveways, lawns and downspouts.

  12. Residential Flood Assistance Programs

    Apply for residential flood assistance programs, such as the Basement Protection Program and Storm Water Drainage Programs.

  13. Selecting a Sewer Contractor

    Get information on selecting a contractor and the right repair for sewer cleaning and repairs.

  14. Sewer Maintenance & Repairs

    Read through information about sewer maintenance and repairs.