1. Political Sign Example

    Village's Political Sign Regulations

    The March 17, 2020 Primary Election is just around the corner, and as a reminder for campaign staff and volunteers, the Village of Palatine has political sign regulations in effect. Signs posted within public right-of-way are permitted up to three days (72 hours) prior to Election Day and shall be removed within 24 hours after the election. Signs may be installed no earlier than Saturday, March 14 and be removed by Wednesday, March 18. Signs posted on private property are permitted no more than 30 days prior to Election Day and shall be removed within 48 hours after the Election.
    Restrictions do not apply to signs on private residential property. Permission of the property owner should be obtained prior to placing any signs on private property. In addition, all political signs shall not exceed 8 square feet in area and be limited to a maximum height of 4 feet. Signs shall provide a minimum setback from any curb, shoulder or sidewalk. The Village will remove any signs that do not comply with regulations or that create safety issues for pedestrians and motorists
  1. coyote

    Reminders About Our Coyote Neighbors

    The Village continues to receive information regarding local coyote sightings. The Village does not remove coyotes, let trapped animals out of cages, or bring trapped animals to different locations. Coyotes inhabit every available territory in Cook County, and between February and March coyotes breed and may become more territorial. Coyotes, however, tend to be wary of humans and tend to keep their distance. People should nonetheless remain alert if any wild animal is suspected to be near and take reasonable measures to ensure their safety. A few practical steps we can take to coexist with coyotes include the following: Remove food from outdoor settings that might attract coyotes (including pet and bird food); Respect coyotes as wild animals by not feeding or otherwise attempting to befriend them; and Support preservation of natural habitat.  Please call 9-1-1, if you feel your are in immediate danger.  Please click here for more information regarding coyotes.