Emergency Notification System

Citizen Opt-In Procedures

The Village of Palatine announces its new Emergency Notification System, Everbridge. Everbridge is the leading global emergency notification system provider used to communicate to thousands of businesses and residents within minutes of an emergency. The Village of Palatine will be able to alert residents about emergencies such as, but not limited to, missing persons, fires, boil orders, and other emergencies. The ability to reach residents quickly during an emergency and to warn them or provide guidance is critical. The Everbridge Emergency Mass Notification System ensures that our dispatch center will be able to react accurately and efficiently in a natural disaster or other crisis.

The new system allows us to alert you to an emergency situation in your area. The system currently uses your land line phone numbers, listed and unlisted, from an existing 9-1-1 database. Messages are sent using a grid or map of Palatine. For example, if there is a missing person/child, we plug in the address and or last location they were seen, and based on the situation, use a grid map to determine how far out we send the message.

The emergency messages that are sent out will automatically go to your land line phone number. You cannot opt out of receiving these important messages. You may enter additional ways of contacting you, such as cell phones, business phones, e-mail and text messages.

Please note that other townships or villages may have opted to also use this system to alert residents on items such as, community events, hydrant flushing, road closures, festival information, and other events in their area. The Village of Palatine has opted to notify Palatine Residents in emergency situations only.

To enter your additional contact information (cell phone, e-mail, business phone, etc.) into the Everbridge system, please click on the image below:

Citizen Alerty Notification Sign Up Button

For any questions you may have, contact Northwest Central Dispatch at 847-398-1130, or visit the Northwest Central Dispatch Website.