Sewer Service Rates

Sewer charges are pursuant to the classifications based upon the consumption of water where water is metered, consumption where a sewer meter is used, or a flat fee if neither water nor sewer is metered.


A "user/consumer" is defined as a residential dwelling unit, commercial unit, business unit, industrial unit, educational unit, governmental unit, institutional unit, or any other occupiable unit or combination thereof, having direct access and use of sewer services regardless of whether water consumption is or is not metered through a single master meter. Unit counts for commercial, business, industrial or institutional uses shall be determined on an individual analysis of occupied or common areas having direct access to sewer services.

Volume of Flow

The volume of flow for computing the consumption charge is determined by one of the following methods, at the discretion of the authorized village official:

  • Metered water consumption.
  • Metered volume of waste discharged. A device for measuring volume may be required by the authorized village official if these volumes cannot be otherwise determined from the metered water consumption records. Such device shall be installed, owned, and maintained by the person. Following approval and installation, such meters may not be removed, without consent of the authorized village official.
  • Standardized billing rates.
    • Single Family Residential Dwellings - 2 times the minimum usage billing
    • Commercial - 5 times the minimum usage billing

2023 Sewer Usage Rates

Service Area
Basic User Charge per Month
Consumption Rates per 1,000 Gallons
Within the Village
$2.85 $1.40
Outside the Village
$3.50 $3.95

The minimum usage billing will be for the quantity of 5,000 gallons.

* Basic user charge only applies to sewer only accounts.