Snow Plowing Facts

Snow Removal

Winters are usually a challenge for just about everyone in the Midwest area. But when the snow begins to fall or icy conditions are present, Palatine's Department of Public Works is ready to set their snow and ice removal operation plan into motion to have the streets cleared and motorists on their way as quickly and safely as possible.


The Village plows 167 center lane miles. The 167 miles are divided into 11 sections with two trucks assigned to each route. Depending on the type or amount of snow fall, it can take approximately 6 to 7 hours to clear 14 miles of streets. Major streets are plowed first, such as Northwest Highway, Palatine Road, and Hicks Road. Then the secondary and residential streets, including cul-de-sacs, are plowed. Please remember that the Snow Plowing Team is working as efficiently as possible to help maintain safe roads throughout the Village.

For your safety and convenience, these major arterial streets and collector streets are treated first:

  • Anderson Drive
  • Baldwin Road
  • Carpenter Drive
  • Cedar Street
  • Clark Drive
  • Colfax Street
  • Cunningham Drive
  • East Wood Street
  • Frontage Road
  • Helen Road
  • Hicks Road
  • Illinois Avenue
  • Lincoln Street
  • North Benton Street
  • North Brockway Street
  • North Smith Street
  • Northwest Highway
  • Palatine Road
  • Plum Grove Road
  • Rohlwing Road
  • Wilke Road
  • Williams Drive
  • Winston Drive

The Village does not plow the following State or County roads:

Plowed by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT):

  • Algonquin Road
  • Dundee Road
  • Hicks Road north of Dundee Road
  • Rand Road
  • Route 53

Contact IDOT District 1 at 847-705-4000 to report any issues on a State road.

Plowed by the Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways (CCDOTH):

  • Euclid Avenue
  • Lake Cook Road
  • Quentin Road
  • Roselle Road
  • Wilke Road south of Route 53

Contact CCDOTH District 1 at 847-397-4145 to report any issues on a County road.

Commuter Parking Lots

Commuter parking lots are plowed and salted during regular plowing operations. This is usually done after midnight so that the commuter lots are cleared by 6 a.m. the following morning.

Parking on Streets

Residents can help by not parking your vehicles on any public street any time within a 24 hour time period after an accumulation of two or more inches of snow or when snow removal is in progress. Illegally parked cars that are interfering with snow plowing operations will be ticketed and towed at the owner's expense. Cars are towed only when absolutely necessary and every effort is made to tow the vehicle to a nearby location. If you find that your car has been towed, call the Police Department at 847-359-9000 for information on its location.

Curbside Mailboxes

Snow plow drivers make every effort to plow as close to the edge of the street as possible. But during heavy snowfalls, especially on cul-de-sacs, it is very difficult to completely clear the snow without risking damage to mailboxes or posts. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the resident to remove snow from around the mailbox to assure uninterrupted delivery of mail.

If you believe your curbside mailbox was damaged by a Village snow plow, call the Department of Public Works at 847-705-5200 or email us at to report it. A temporary mailbox will be set up so you can continue to receive mail delivery. Every effort will be made to repair your mailbox. If that is not possible, it will be replaced with a standard-issue metal mailbox and/or pre-treated wood post. The Village is not responsible for mailboxes damaged during snow plowing if they do not meet Village Code. The Village will not repair mailboxes damaged by non-Village vehicles.


Residents are not required to shovel the sidewalk adjacent to their property. However, the Village encourages all residents to clear their sidewalk for the safety of pedestrians and children walking to school. This will help avoid creating slippery conditions for pedestrians. State law protects property owners from any added liability if they shovel their sidewalks.

Placement of Snow on Village Streets & Parkways

When shoveling snow, do not blow or throw snow into an already plowed street. This action can create a hazardous condition. Village ordinances prohibit plowing, blowing, or shoveling of snow into the street or onto a parkway across from your property. We realize it is sometimes difficult to find a place to deposit snow, but putting it in a street or a parkway not adjacent to your property could result in a fine. In addition, the resident can be held personally liable for the creation of a hazardous condition. Merchants are not permitted to dump snow from parking lots onto public streets or parkways.

Parkway Restoration

Snow plows, water main repairs, sewer repairs, and street light repairs all take their toll on the parkway areas. If Village equipment has damaged the parkway area in front of your home, call or email us to request that your residence be added onto our parkway restoration list for repairs in the spring. Repairs usually occur in early April. Crews will level out any damaged areas and then apply grass seed. We ask that you water the area until the grass has established.

Further Information

If you have any questions, feel free to call the Department of Public Works at 847-705-5200 or email us at