Programs & Presentations

McGruff the Crime Dog

The Palatine Police Department Crime Prevention Unit offers a variety of educational presentations. Presentations are available by appointment and can be scheduled for groups of residents including businesses, community groups, youth groups, and neighborhood watch groups. The following are some of the more popular presentations:

  • Identity Theft - discussion includes how criminals obtain and use personal information, examples of scams used to obtain personal data, and how to protect oneself from being a victim.
  • Abduction Awareness - program designed to help educate parents and children on keeping children safe in and away from home.
  • Burglary Prevention - includes information on how to heighten home security and reduce the chance of the home being targeted for burglary.
  • Internet / Cyber Safety - teaches parents and children the dangers of Internet usage and how to "surf" safely. There are 2 versions of this program - 1 for parents only and 1 for students grades 5th - 8th.
  • Robbery Prevention - intended for businesses desiring education on preventing robberies and how to respond in the event of a robbery.
  • Vacation Notification - If you are going to be away from home it is a good idea to contact the police department and provide a vacation notification.  Please understand that this program is intended to provide the Palatine Police Department with information and emergency contact number to reach you if needed.  It does not mean the officers will be able to watch your home. For additional information       click here.

Additional Programs

Additional programs offered include:

  • Bicycle SafetyBig Trucks Kellie and Bruce
  • Child Passenger Safety
  • Kids on Their Own
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Operation Lifesaver (Train Safety)
  • Personal Safety
  • Security Surveys
  • Senior Citizen Safety
  • Travel/Vacation Safety
  • Workplace Safety