Solicitor Information & Permits

It shall be unlawful for any person to engage in the business of peddler / solicitor in the Village of Palatine without having first obtained a license. Applications for licenses shall be made to the Police Department, and shall state; the kind of article or merchandise to be peddled or solicited; a permanent address of the peddler / solicitor, and any other information requested on the application form. No license shall be issued without the approval of the Palatine Police Department and the payment of the fee. A photo ID badge will be issued by the Palatine Police Department and shall be worn at all times of the peddling / solicitation and shall be displayed for inspection upon request.

Time Restrictions on Peddling & Soliciting

Soliciting prior to 9 a.m. of any weekday or Saturday, or after 8 p.m. of any weekday or 6 p.m. on Saturday during Central Standard Time, or prior to 9 a.m. of any weekday or Saturday or after 9 p.m. any weekday or 6 p.m. on Saturday during Daylight Savings Time, or at any time on a Sunday or on a State of Illinois or national holiday.

For Peddler I and Peddler II, in addition to the foregoing time limitations, no soliciting shall occur after 6 p.m. on any week day.

No Soliciting or Peddling Cards

Residents may post a "No Solicitors Invited" card, or download one from the website. For more information, call 847-359-9033. Applications are available at the Clerk’s Office, Police Department or just download using the following link: