Block Party


“Block Party” means the closing of one or more residential street between intersections to conduct a neighborhood gathering, or picnic for residents; other than for a parade, special event or commercial activity. Block Party Permits are issued to residents of the Village of Palatine who would like to close a residential street they live on for a neighborhood gathering or picnic. The Village of Palatine encourages organized block parties. 

A Block Party Permit allows neighbors to close off a designated street until 10 p.m. (Starting October 1, 2022, the Village will not approve sound waivers past 10PM on Fridays and Saturday and past 9PM on Sunday through Thursdays.) At all times, the volume of music must adhere to current Village noise ordinances.

Clean up of the area will be the responsibility of the block party organizers. All debris must be removed at the conclusion of the block party.

The block party must be set up so that it maintains a clear lane for emergency vehicles.

Residents who live within the blocked area cannot be refused entrance to, or exit from, their homes.

Pools and fire pits are not allowed in the public right-of-way (roads, sidewalks, parkways).

Through streets are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Critical thoroughfares may result in a denial.


The Village's Block Party Application is available at the following link:  Block Party Application Please apply for a block party permit at least two weeks prior to the event.